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Not All Who Wander Are Lost… Everything you ever wanted to know about my Dominican mission work

Does anyone know the incubation period for the flu virus????

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The hubby came home from work yesterday with the news that he had been feeling achy and exhausted all day. I immediately suggested that he keep his sorry self at home, and I would just drive myself down to the hotel in Columbus and on over to the airport in the (very early) morning.

I even remember very clearly threatening him within an inch of his life if he was up all night “barfing his guts out” and giving me his cootie germs… not to mention being unable to help me get all my stuff from the car into the airport. Yeah… I know, not a lot of sympathy for his malaise from old Florence Nightingale here. But he was messing with my best laid plans!

Illustration of Florence Nightingale Holding Lamp

My mistake was believing him when he said he would be just fine. Nope. Shoulda put my foot down and left him home.

Instead, we ate a mediocre “breakfast for dinner” meal at the Big Boy in Marysville… (which, by the way, is not on our list of places to go ever again) got caught with a low fuel level in gridlock traffic on the outerbelt, and got to our (fully booked) hotel where our reservation was “not in their system”. You can see where this is going, can’t you?

The kind folks at the Country Inn & Suites were able to get us into a nice room with an in-room Jacuzzi tub and a refrigerator… so I thought maybe everything was going to be OK… and it was, for about an hour. Commence with the barfing up of the guts.

I made a nest with extra blankets and pillows in the Jacuzzi, to try for a little sleep and to avoid all the germs going on over there in that comfy king sized bed. No good. Then I stretched out on the floor… also no good. I finally left the hubby at the hotel with an 11am wake up call and grabbed a cab to get to the airport by 3am. Now I’m hoping his cooties didn’t latch onto me. I DO NOT want to spend the next few days doing what he did all last night.


The good news is, the actual travel part of the day went very well. All the security checks and flights were fine. All the luggage arrived without a hitch. It has rained a few times since we’ve been here in the capitol city of Santo Domingo, but it’s almost sure to clear up for tomorrow.


After a quick walk to explore the grocery store and get a frozen yogurt, most of us are headed for an early bedtime… excited to get to work tomorrow!


Shoe vendor near our hotel


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