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Not All Who Wander Are Lost… Everything you ever wanted to know about my Dominican mission work

Goose bumps…

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…when my friend Ronda was telling me her plans for collecting mission supplies at her church, I got a case of full-body goose bumps!  I’m so incredibly blessed to have friends who think of ways to help, even without being asked.

Ronda is making a plan to gather suitcases, hygiene items and other donations through a church event… and the highlight of the event will be a ceremony where church members walk to the front of the church, take off their very own shoes and leave them at the altar as a donation. Isn’t that amazing?

People who go out of their way to help provide supplies and donations for this mission work are truly my everyday heroes.


For the May 2017 trip, I have started the process of creating a program called “hola, hermanita!”. This translates to “hello, little sister”.   The program started with a plan to provide education and kits of menstruation supplies for teenaged girls… but the plan hit a few bumps in the road, so it evolved into a continuation of my four year project for teaching Dominican women about breast health and breast self-exam techniques

hola hermanita logo

hola hermanita logo








Over the next several months, I hope to finalize the kits, which will consist of an insulated lunch tote or string bag, a sponge breast model complete with realistic lumps, a washcloth and baby powder, a “thing-a-ma-boob” keychain depicting breast lump sizes and Spanish language education materials on puberty, menopause and breast health.

2nd mock up of kit.jpg

hola hermanita kit… work in progress

My plan is to create and fund at least 30 kits (hopefully many more), at a raw material cost of about $10 per kit.  I will ask sponsors to donate about $20 per kit to help offset other project expenses (fees for extra luggage to carry the kits to the D.R., publicity and pamphlets, etc.) At the same time I am working on finalizing the kits, I am creating letterhead, thank you notes, pamphlets and a power point presentation so I can take the show on the road and start fund-raising in style.  Bienva BSE


The plan will be to provide one “hola, hermanita” kit per family, and to conduct small group health education sessions in each village (barrio) that we visit in 2017.



I remain thankful for the people who are willing to help with projects to support the mission work that I do in the Dominican Republic.  Every bottle of shampoo  or vitamins, every pair of shoes or scrubs and every suitcase is greatly appreciated.  gracias square


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