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Not All Who Wander Are Lost… Everything you ever wanted to know about my Dominican mission work

The birds are chirping…

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the sun is starting to come up and I can hear pretty song birds out the window that is right over my bed.  The roosters are announcing a new day out “back” window, but I’m choosing to ignore them just a little bit.  Right now, I’m actually perched on my bed, post-shower and NOT sweating yet, so I’m feeling extra positive…


Today, I am grateful for some of the improvements that have happened here at the guesthouse since my last trip.

We have bigger, more powerful fans in the room.  The water supply is sufficient to get our group through the week, so we don’t have to be quite as strict with the military shower procedure.  The water heating system is doing a good job, too.

The electricity has been on 24/7 (because of the national elections) and there is a new, quieter generator to cover the night time hours when the electricity does go off.

Annnnndddd…. the wifi has been upgraded so that it can be accessed from the sleeping rooms, not just from the dining room as in past years.

This promises to be another day full of adventure and education.  Will post more later!



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