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Not All Who Wander Are Lost… Everything you ever wanted to know about my Dominican mission work

Droopy hair and bug spray…

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If you think it gets hot and humid where you live…you’re probably right… but it’s a special kind of hot and humid here in the interior area of the Western Dominican Republic.

Even though my wonderful hair artiste, Katie, just gave me my “summer cut” especially for this trip… this hair-do is seriously out of control. I may soon resort to the hair clips and ball cap I brought with me!

On another note, yes… they are on Zika Alert here. There were videos in the airport, warning people to use bug spray, stay away from standing water/trash and wear long pants and sleeves. It’s been rainy season, so the mosquitos are already out and hungry. I think I’ll rinse off before bed so I can sleep without sticking to myself tonight!

Last night, we stayed in a new place… a dorm style building on the outskirts of Santo Domingo. It was surprisingly comfortable. I climbed to the roof this morning to check out the view, and discovered the water cisterns and plumbing. Pretty cool.


So before supper, a bunch of us walked to the barrio behind the guesthouse here in Santo Domingo. The children were so adorable! They love to touch the Americanos long, straight hair, and to touch the pale skin that they’re not used to seeing.

I was so touched when a teenaged girl came right up to me and started talking. She wanted a hug and to walk with our arms around each other through the streets. I really want to go back and see her again, so I can get her to write her name for me. I couldn’t understand it when she told me. I did tease her a little bit, and asked her if she had a husband or children! She shook her head and told me “No… en escuela” (in school). What a sweetie.









So, it’s time to hit the sack. Barrio clinics start early tomorrow. We’ll go to El Cajuil, El Copey, El Cercado and Los Corocitos this week. Tuesday, many of us will do another education project for health promoters. Much more info to come. Wednesday, the plan is for me to have a nice visit with Yasiri when we go to her village of El Cercado.


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