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My heart is full…

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Today was an incredible day, so I’m breaking the events into 2 posts… the most exciting involves seeing our 5 year old sponsor student, Yasiri Vincente Morillo, for the first time since May 2013.

Until today I did not know that Yasiri suffers from Sickle Cell Anemia and hasn’t been feeling well lately. It was questionable whether we’d be visiting at the school or in the hospital. Luckily, she was OK and she was waiting with her Mama in front of her elementary school. Yasiri’s Madre, Josefina, had dressed her head to toe in clothing, hair ribbons and shoes that I had sent to her during the year! How sweet!

I didn’t know what to expect, considering that Yasiri cried when she met me last year (she was afraid I was taking her away). Imagine how full my heart felt when she came right into my arms for a big hug as soon as I walked toward the school!!

My big welcome hug from Yasiri!

My big welcome hug from Yasiri!

I brought gifts for Yasiri, including a set of dolls that my friend, Sandy Harper, crocheted. One looks like Yasiri and one looks like me. Well, let me tell you, that little girl never put those dolls down! She LOVED them! She very quietly told me the colors of the dolls’ dresses and their eyes, but other than that, she hardly spoke… but lots of smiles!

Yasiri loves her special dolls.

Yasiri loves her special dolls.

I also found out that Yasiri has 3 older brothers and sisters (14, almost 10 and 8). She is the only one of the family that goes to private school. The others are in public school… maybe they don’t have the same health issues? Mama told me that Yasiri had threatened, earlier, to go home with her American Mama today! Maybe someday she can visit us in the United States.mission day 3  2014 060

After a 30-45 minute visit, it was time to leave. I promised that I would continue to send gifts and would visit again next year. Special thanks to my friend, Jen Smith, who kept me company on the ride to El Cercado, and who served as our personal photographer for these special pictures.
mission day 3  2014 062


One thought on “My heart is full…

  1. You also made my heart feel full for you. Awesome story. Thank you for sharing.

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