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Not All Who Wander Are Lost… Everything you ever wanted to know about my Dominican mission work

Extreme Water Emergency Clinica Christiana – Solid Rock Int’l

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So… it seems the first thing we learned when we arrived after our 3+ hour drive from the capital city to our temporary home in San Juan de la Maguana is this: For the first 2-3 days that we’re here, we get to experience an Extreme Water Emergency. Basically, the city of San Juan (pop 150,000) is “re-doing” some of the water pipes, so they’ve turned off the water to the entire city.

So, we get to use a small container of water for our bathing and flushing purposes each day until the water comes back on! Luckily, we’ll all stink at about the same level. How’s that for a bonding experience?

No running water... will have to "bucket shower" from water in the green container

No running water… will have to “bucket shower” from water in the green container

After lunch (hot dogs, banana chips, salad and a cookie) we unloaded and organized all our medical and other donated supplies to get ready for the busy week ahead. Then I went with a few of the nurses to the closest local school, where we will be teaching Head to Toe Assessment skills to the nursing students. These girls graduate from high school with the equivalent of Nurse Aide training, but in this country they work as nurses. We have a really awesome presentation planned, using small group return demonstrations and 5 interpreters! More info on how that goes in tomorrow’s blog.

supper in the guesthouse Sunday night...with Kim Reid

supper in the guesthouse Sunday night…with Kim Reid

After supper (tacos, guacamole, fresh fruit, brownie) we went to one of the local churches. They have an 8 member worship band that starts the service with about 1/2 hour of really good music. The minister is the father of one of Solid Rock’s staff physicians, Dr. Sandy Valdez, who I met last year and hope to work with again this year.

My big excitement for tomorrow afternoon will be driving with Laura, the staff social worker, to El Cercado (45 minutes away) and visiting with our 5 year old sponsor student, Yasiri. I’ll post pictures of her tomorrow… I just hope that she’s less afraid this year. Last year, she didn’t know I was coming to her school, and she was petrified that she was being taken away. I have a few gifts for her, including some adorable clothing and a pair of crocheted dolls from my friends back in Ohio.

typical houses along the road from the capital

typical houses along the road from the capital


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