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Not All Who Wander Are Lost… Everything you ever wanted to know about my Dominican mission work

If no one ever hears it, how are we gonna learn your song?

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I’m sure some people feel that they have heard way too much of “my song” from last year’s Dominican Mission trip… and that’s fine. I created this blog for myself, and for my kind, loving and generous family and friends who never tire of asking questions and listening to me tell about this passion that I’ve discovered relatively late in my life.

It’s hard to find the right words to describe the experiences that I had last year, and those that I’m sure I have waiting for me in less than 10 days. Pictures help… but even they can’t capture the full saturation of the colors of the mountains, the striking chocolate brown or hazel color of a Dominican child’s eyes, or the shy, grateful smile from a man who grows rice for a living and just got a new pair of sturdy working shoes.

None of us spend time away from our family, home and work to go on these trips because we expect recognition, attention or thanks. We each do it for our own reasons, which in my case are easy to feel but hard to explain… but I have to tell you, there’s no better feeling in the world than having a Dominican woman come running out of her house (shack, really) as you walk by to give you a great big bear-hug and thank you for coming to help “her people”… Or having 20-30 adults and children form a tunnel to clap for you and give you high fives as you carry your supplies from their cinder-block elementary school to the waiting bus at the end of a long, hot day of providing health services in their village… Or having whole conversations in “Spanglish” with sweet, shy Dominicans who make a point to thank you for your help, while standing in the dark street after Sunday evening services at the local church.

I could go on and on… and sometimes I do. There’s just SO MUCH to share. Too much to keep only for myself… and so I will keep singing my song (which is more than a little bit funny, because I CANNOT carry a tune!) and hope that you enjoy hearing it.

Elias Pina, DR.  Big brown eyes watching my every move through the window slats.

Elias Pina, DR. Big brown eyes watching my every move through the window slats.


One thought on “If no one ever hears it, how are we gonna learn your song?

  1. Keep singing Laurie! Can’t wait to hear it.

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